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  • Tuesday, November 11, 2008


    Open Letter to Senator McCain: I Am Elated You Did Not Win

    Dear Senator McCain:

    As one of the so-called independent voters your campaign seemed so concerned to persuade, I would like to let you know how elated I am that you did not win the presidential election. I did not vote for you because I believe you are a phony and because the decisions you made during your campaign demonstrated that you would have been a horrible president.

    First, I believe you are a phony. I do not believe your claim that you are a “maverick” and I do not believe you, as president, would have changed the status quo that paralyzes the federal government from the meaningful changes that are needed if the United States is to remain strong economically and as a world leader. I do not believe you ever truly worked a day in your life. I do not believe you have any real idea of how the majority of your countrymen struggle every day to meet their basic needs for shelter, food, health care, security, etc. You cheated on and unceremoniously dumped your first wife so you could marry that tarted-up, makeup-slathering termagant you call a wife in order to gain access to her enormous wealth, which, by the way, she did not produce either. Because of your wife, you are now so wealthy that you do not even know how many houses you own: was it seven or eight? I can assure you the average citizen of the United States has no trouble recalling how many houses he or she owns, if any. You are nothing like the average American citizen. I do not believe you can relate to average American citizens, and you possess no insight into how to improve their lives. In fact, the prescriptions you proposed during your campaign, in my opinion, were actually designed to enrich large corporations at the expense of individuals.

    Second, the decisions you made during your campaign were disastrous and demonstrate that you lack sound judgment, which leads me to conclude you would have made a horrible president. The people you chose to run your campaign, such as Schmidt, Salter, and Rick Davis, were awful. They were so uncreative, all they could do is run the tired playbook of Karl Rove. Rick Davis came across on television as a belligerent, condescending, arrogant prick. Your spokespeople, such as Tucker Bounds and Nicolle Wallace, were whiny, unctuous prevaricators who could not give a straight answer to a question if their lives depended on it. For example, Tucker Bounds, when asked by CNN’s Campbell Brown to explain Gov. Palin’s foreign policy experience, could only defiantly assert she was in charge of the Alaska National Guard, and acted all offended when the sufficiency of that ridiculous answer was questioned. Then your campaign whined like little babies about how “unfair” the interview was. How absurd!

    Your choice of Gov. Palin for your running mate was the worst decision you could have made. It appeared you made a snap decision; you shot from the hip, knowing very little about Gov. Palin. This was an enormously important test of your decision-making ability and your judgment, and you blew it big time! Her interview with Katie Couric showed Gov. Palin is empty-headed and grossly unprepared to run a convenience store, let alone the United States. Her selection, and your expectation that the American people should believe she would be capable of becoming president in the event of your death, was an insult to the American people's intelligence. Her explanation of her foreign policy experience, that Alaska is next to Russia and President Putin flies over Alaskan airspace when he comes to the United States, literally made me laugh out loud. My wife thought she was watching a parody and was shocked to learn it was really Gov. Palin speaking. Several prominent Republicans in my community told me they would not vote for you because Gov. Palin is not qualified for the one job you nominated her for: to replace the president in the event of his death.

    Your campaign was tawdry, mean-spirited, and stupid. Accusing Obama of “palling around with terrorists” was blatantly untrue. The notion your campaign tried to sell, that this U.S. Senator from Illinois, former state senator, and former law professor, was somehow hiding his true identity and agenda and would suddenly, if elected president, transform into some kind of “un-American” or “terrorist” president was absurd on its face. Your campaign was just more of the same old negative bullshit that was not indicative of a new style of politics. The dramatic suspension of your campaign to go to the capital to lead the nation in dealing with the economic crisis was a transparently cheap stunt. You did not lead. You accomplished exactly nothing. Your decisions were terrible, and judging from those decisions, I can only conclude you would have selected idiots to run your administration and you would have made terrible decisions as president.

    In sum, I think you are just a phony old grump who thought he was entitled to be president because of being a war hero when in fact you are just a lowlife political scumbag who helped Charlie Keating steal and who cares about nothing and no one but himself and being a lackey for wealthy individuals and corporate interests. Thank you for your consideration.

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