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  • Monday, November 13, 2006


    Mayor's Sister Defends Mayor

    On Saturday, November 11, 2006, the Miami Herald ran two letters to the editor concerning the Cooper City debacle. One was from Commissioner Elliot Kleiman, who has been out in front in justifying the City Commission's conduct. The other letter was from 24-year Cooper City resident Wendy Rosenberg, who offered a spirited defense of Mayor Debby Eisinger:

    I have been a Cooper City resident for 24 years, and I think it's a
    disgrace how WFOR-CBS4 focused its investigation on the negative complaints of a
    few residents. Only a handful of residents complained about the raises voted by
    our City Commission.

    Has anyone bothered to compare our commissioners' salaries to those in
    neighboring cities? Our commissioners and mayor have not had a raise since 1994.
    When I moved here, Cooper City had a population of 12,000. Today it is nearly
    30,000. Has it occurred to our residents that maybe the responsibilities of the
    commission also have grown?

    Since Debby Eisinger has been elected mayor, she has promoted ''City
    Government Week'' in the five schools throughout Cooper City. She also organized
    an essay contest for the students of the middle school. The celebration of these
    events at a recent City Commission meeting drew a crowd with standing room only.
    Where was Channel 4 then?

    WENDY ROSENBERG, Cooper City

    The Miami Herald, however, did not disclose (perhaps it simply did not know) that Wendy Rosenberg is Mayor Debby Eisinger's sister! At least the Mayor's sister would still vote for her.

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