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  • Wednesday, November 08, 2006


    Cooper City Commission - Very Thirsty Folks

    According to a November 7, 2006 article in the Miami Herald reported by Breanne Gilpatrick, on August 22, 2006, six Cooper City officials were at Landlubbers Raw Bar & Grill in Cooper City where, between 5:15 and 6:00 p.m., they ordered twenty (20) drinks, including ten (10) vodka drinks, two Manhattans, two glasses of wine, two beers and a Bloody Mary.

    Of the twenty drinks, City Commissioner Elliot Kleiman admits to having only one. Assuming that to be true, let's do the math: 19 drinks divided by 5 Cooper City commissioners or staff in 45 minutes. According to my calculations, that means each of the 5 commissioners or staff consumed an average of 3.8 drinks at the rate of one drink every 11.84 minutes.

    According to the minutes, the August 22, 2006 Cooper City Commission meeting began at 7:32 p.m. I'm no expert, but I believe that magnitude of alcohol consumption within that amount of time means someone was still intoxicated at 7:32 p.m. when Mayor Eisinger gaveled the City Commission meeting to order. If these people managed to consume that much alcohol in that short a time without becoming intoxicated, then they must have that extraordinary tolerance to alcohol that only comes from drinking mass quantities of alcohol on a very frequent basis.

    On the plus side, the Commissioners and staff should be commended for patronizing an establishment in Cooper City, thus contributing to the economy of, and helping to keep jobs for bartenders and servers in, Cooper City. In addition, they should be commended for their thrift in saving the taxpayers' money by ordering the drinks during the 2 for 1 Happy Hour special.

    Update: On November 7, 2006, after I e-mailed a copy of the above post, Commissioner Kleiman was nice enough to send me an e-mail with his take on the report:

    I am making the following guess and assumption. Being happy hour
    the server must have served up a second round without being asked ( or
    consumed) or there were more than 6 people present, I can't attest to either
    assumption but if these people did drink all that, they wouldn't have been able
    to walk next door for dinner at Vita's. Further, the public both present and
    watching the commission meeting on Comcast would have observed the effects. They did not. Why, because they were all very sober.

    I stand by the statements on my website. http://www.goodguy2005.com/ I can sleep very
    well because what I have said is true.

    Feel free to forward this to those to whom you copied your email. I would be happy to discuss this or any other issue by phone of email with any or all.. (954) 392-6792


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