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  • Wednesday, August 02, 2006


    Disgraceful Behavior by Proponents of Book Ban

    Following on from my previous post on this topic, it should be noted that the Court in its Order Granting Plaintiffs' Motion for Preliminary Injunction made the following finding of fact concerning the conduct of some individuals in favor of the book ban:

    Throughout the [June 5, 2006] meeting [of one of the school district
    committees considering whether the book should be removed from the schools],
    members of the public interrupted the committee's discussions, often whispering
    the word 'communist' whenever committee members spoke favorably about the Cuba books.

    See Order, page 18.

    I understand how upset some of these people are about this book, but the conduct in which these people indulged themselves at a public meeting is disgraceful. These kind of mean-spirited, narrow-minded, whispered denunciations are among the features of living in a totalitarian dictatorship that many people escaped Cuba to get away from. And here they are in the United States acting like the very dictatorial monsters they condemn. Those who engaged in this conduct and those who condoned it should be ashamed of themselves!

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