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  • Friday, April 28, 2006


    Belated Dimwit of the Day Award (c) Goes to Keith Hernandez

    Former MVP first baseman and current New York Mets broadcaster Keith Hernandez said women "don't belong in the dugout" when he spotted 33-year-old Kelly Calabrese, the Padres' full-time massage therapist, high-fiving Mike Piazza in the dugout after he hit a home run during New York's 8-1 victory Saturday in San Diego.

    After Hernandez found out later in the broadcast that Calabrese was with the Padres training staff, he repeated that she shouldn't have been there. "I won't say that women belong in the kitchen, but they don't belong in the dugout," he said.

    Hernandez, a former Mets star, then laughed and said: "You know I am only teasing. I love you gals out there — always have."

    This event prompted the following item in The Onion News:

    Keith Hernandez Narrowing Down List Of Places Women Do And Don't

    April 27, 2006
    Issue 42•17

    NEW YORK—Mets broadcaster Keith Hernandez, the subject of recent
    controversy after remarking that women "don't belong in the dugout," called a
    press conference yesterday to further explain places where he believes women do
    or do not belong. "While I still do not believe that women belong in dugouts,
    locker rooms, and many other locations, I believe women do in fact belong in
    certain other places," Hernandez said. "For instance, they belong in
    souvenir kiosks, reception areas, certain places in the press box, and even
    limited locations in large board rooms. That's not to say that I think they
    belong only in the kitchen or bedroom, regardless of where they're best suited
    to be. I just don't think they should be in the dugout." Although he was not
    specifically asked, Hernandez also took time to speak at length as to what he
    believed was the proper place for society's Hispanics.

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