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  • Monday, January 16, 2006


    Alito: "He Did A Brilliant Job"

    Echoing my previous post on this subject, Bob Herbert of the New York Times, on January 16, 2005 wrote:
    The confirmation hearings have become farcical, an obnoxious hide-and-seek
    ritual in which the administration's ultimate goal is to have the public
    know as little as possible - as opposed to as much as possible - about
    individuals being appointed to the most powerful court in the land.

    On January 15, 2006, on ABC News This Week, in the Roundtable Discussion, ABC's Claire Shipman and George Stephanopolous confirmed the farce by openly admiring Alito's automaton-like ability to dodge and weave in response to questions:

    CLAIRE SHIPMAN (ABC NEWS): I think, George, also people keep talking about did
    the Democrats fail? I think we're overlooking the fact that Alito succeeded. He
    did a brilliant job. Expectations were so low. Nobody thought he'd be able to
    charm the Senators the way John Roberts did and indeed he did not but he did a
    brilliant job at not taking their bait. I mean not only did he not answer
    questions he barely showed any emotion.

    NEWS): Well, and he sort of answered the questions. He just would analyze them
    to death and take all the air out of it.


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